Synthetic Hair Wigs: The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY
Synthetic Hair Wigs: The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY
Synthetic Hair Wigs: The Good, The Bad, and the UGLY

Although a main difference between synthetic and human hair is the natural appearance of human hair wigs, synthetic hair wigs have come leaps and bounds in recent years. I prefer raw indian hair myself.  In some cases, the texture and denier almost feels like human hair itself! Let us talk about it.

There are many stigmas to synthetic wigs but synthetic wigs do have their advantages:

Easy To Care For – synthetic hair wigs have a handy ‘style retention’. You can even the wig and it will to return to its initial style, like magic!

Weatherproof – one of the key advantages when looking at the synthetic vs human hair wigs debate is a synthetic wig’s ability to retain its style, regardless of the weather. No unwanted frizz!

Versatility – there are endless colors options with synthetic wigs, ranging from natural to abstract, wild to wonderful colors!

Cost – depending on the quality, synthetic hair wigs are less expensive than human hair wigs. If you purchase a good quality, heat-friendly synthetic wig, it can be more cost-effective than human hair wigs.

Low Maintenance – as the hairs are synthetic they require less care than human hair. Generally, synthetic wigs require a wash after every 6-8 wears.

Natural Looking – a high quality synthetic hair wig can look just as natural as a human hair wig. Heat-friendly synthetic wigs tend to be less shiny than other synthetic wigs so can look more realistic. Our raw indian hair and raw Cambodian hair looks a lot more natural and last year's.

Now with all the great benefits, synthetic wigs do have their limitations:

Shine – some synthetic wigs can have an unnatural shine, but do not worry, you can check out our blog post on how to remove the shine on a synthetic wig.

Lifespan – synthetic wigs actually do not last as long as human hair wigs, so you might find yourself needing to replace your wig more frequently with synthetic wigs.

Less Versatile – unless specifically heat-friendly, synthetic wigs cannot be styled using heated styling tools. For these wigs, you can only fashion the style it already possesses.

Cannot Change Color – recoloring is not recommended for synthetic wigs, so make sure you choose a color you will want to stick to.

Texture – particularly with heat-friendly synthetic wigs, the hair can become fuzzy over time and because of styling. You can use heat on our yummy raw indian and Cambodian hair.

Now that you know the basic differences in the synthetic hair vs human hair debate, you can make a better-informed decision about which one is right for you. To find the right wig on your wig-buying journey, and ensure you have considered every difference between synthetic hair and human hair, I recommend that you ask yourself the following questions:

– How often will I wear my wig?
If the answer is every day, think about purchasing a human hair wig as they last longer and have a more natural finish.

– Why am I wearing this wig?
If you are wearing a wig due to temporary hair loss, and your hair is likely to grow back, perhaps consider a synthetic wig that is cheaper and better for the short term. Similarly, opt for a synthetic wig if you are wearing a wig for cosmetic reasons such as fancying a change of hairstyle for the day. Alternatively, if you are suffering from long-term hair loss then consider a human hair wig as they last longer when properly cared for and are more comfortable to wear for extended periods.

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