Sydney Nicole Hair

What to leave in 2020! No while 2020 was one for the books, it came, went, and left us with some valuable lessons when looking at self-care. While so things we will take with us into 2021, some things need to be LEFT BEHIND! When looking at our haircare and beauty regimen a crucial/key point to be note is QUALITY. I know the saying is “money can’t buy happiness”, and while I do agree, I will say that with your money you have to make sure you invest in quality. SydneyNicoleHair was created to provide quality lace human hair wigs to people with scarring alopecia and other forms of alopecia and has grown to be used by the masses, but what makes my line different? LET’S TALK ABOUT IT: ✓ Research o I have found that the term “Brazilian Hair, Malaysian Hair, etc.” are all fictitious descriptions that are used to promote sales based on the preconceived notion of quality. Most of the hair that you see on the market is very basic hair that has been mixed with synthetic material and sometimes even animal (horse) hair. ✓ QUALITY o SydneyNicoleHair uses unprocessed human hair, which is 100% pure. Our hair has not undergone any chemical processing (perms, dyes, stripped of its cuticles, blended with multiple donors, synthetic fibers, animal hair, etc.). ✓ Product o With SydneyNicoleHair, you know you are getting product of great quality based not only on the hair but also on the construction of the bundles. Our bundles and wigs are full and have a natural look! Our product can be sustain with proper care! ✓ Integrity o Because the hair used to create both our wigs and bundles is made using human hair, your wig and bundles can do everything the hair that grows from your own head can do! We take pride in the integrity of our products as it can be washed, conditioned, styled, etc.; the hair is just as versatile and multifaceted as you are :). Therefore, now that we have explained how we differ from other hair care lines, the only question there is now is: Have you checked out the website?